The IFC Residence, Shanghai 2012

Nestled in Shanghai's urban Pudong district, the IFC Residence is conceived as a 'contemporary mansion', a modern residence that is designed with the ethos to captivate the spirit of a noble and exquisite stately home. AFSO seeks to layer the sense of arrival by introducing a sequence of discreet chambers - be it the stunning Library Lounge with its vast open terrace that overlooks the lush Lujiazui Park, or the intimate Living room with an open fire - to transcend a lifestyle of residential intimacy.

The Residence's highly architectural and balanced design language embodies an intellectual kind of beauty, yet AFSO has infused each section with subtle distinction, from its understated use of intricate materials and textures, to the iconic overscaled crystal-glass floorlamps. Key design highlights include the extensive use of hand-embroidery wall panelling in a palette of caramel yellow, solferino gold and olive green; as well as the Residence's commissioned sculpture collection by acclaimed artists that includes Will Jamieson, David Wiilliams Ellis, Kwang Ho Cheong and Lindy Lee.